Tecno paper designs and builds paper machine sections for the production of tissue, packaging paper, dry paper and paper creped at the wet end.

New: Paper Rolls and Cylinders Service.
rullo Paper Rolls and Cylinders Service.
      Tecnopaper gives special importance to the performance of paper rolls used on different kind of paper machines, therefore tecnopaper designs and manufactures good dimensioning ...
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       Tecnopaper Srl based at Lucca - Italy, was founded in 2005 by a team of mechanical technicians and engineers with many years of experience in the sectors of the:

  -   production of machineries for paper;
  -   construction of sections of cars for the production of the paper;
  -   substantial changes to improve cars and existing fittings;  


         Today this know-how is a name: logo tecno , specialized in the designing, costruction and assembling of machinery and plants for the production of tissue. graphic and packaging paper.


       Tecnopaper offer to a kind of paper producer the possibility of having, with a suitable budget, complete technical assistance and tailored solutions for the modernization of their existing production plants through the upgrading and rebulding of the different paper machine section, allowing a gradual renovation of whole production plant and warranting to the customer an improvement and increasing of his production and the final product quality.


      Tecnopaper supplies to important paper producers in Europe, Middle East and Latin America, accurate engineering projects, reliable high technology machinery with an permanent technical assistance support.

      The point of strength of the Tecnopaper, is the ability to place side by side the client in every phase of the process of development of the line, furnishing qualified technical consultation, on industrial problem list, resolving the questions and the problems of costructive character, making to meet experience and technologt in operational synergy, from the initial phases of the project, to the mass in work, up to the operational tests of the cars and the productive lines.