Tecno paper designs and builds paper machine sections for the production of tissue, packaging paper, dry paper and paper creped at the wet end.

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rullo Paper Rolls and Cylinders Service.
      Tecnopaper gives special importance to the performance of paper rolls used on different kind of paper machines, therefore tecnopaper designs and manufactures good dimensioning ...
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Stock Preparation Equipments
13/04/2007 17:53:55

For stock preparation plants, Tecnopaper produces:
- Low consistency pulpers from 4,5% up to 7%.

- Medium consistency pulpers from 8% up to 12%.
- Pulper cleaning system Ragger type with rope cutting device.
- Pulping Groups.
- Wet and Dry section Broke pulpers.
- Agitators for Stock and White water Chests.
- STANDARDPULP rotor for low consistency stock from 4,5% up to 7%.
- EASYPULP rotor for medium consistency fibres from 8% up to 12%.

Paper Machines

Tecnopaper studies, projects and manufactures paper machines and plants with fourdrinier and crescent former for the production of tissue, ligth board and packaging kraft paper, special papers, printing and writing papers.

04/06/2009 14:27:08

3 svolgitoriribo kraft

Tecnopaper produces tailored-made winders machines for:

- tissue paper
- packaging paper
- graphic papers ( writing and printing papers)


Solid and well balanced machines, easy to operate, equipped with best quality components and technology solutions to guarantee a safety machine operation and improve the final product quality.


According to customer production and investment needs, tecnopaper has classified for each different paper grade, 3 main winder versions:


Standard Performance, High Performance and Performance Plus.


Pope Reelers
03/06/2009 16:22:38

The pope reelers are the final element of the continuous paper machine and wind the paper on a steel axis which is usually covered in rubber or polyurethane.

The pope reeler is equipped with a device which allows the reel change without stopping the paper machine.


03/06/2009 16:37:25

The fourdrinier of a continuous paper making machine can be considered as a continuous filtering device with four important phases: Mixing, Formation, Transition and Consolidation of the paper belt.



Felt stretch compensators
03/06/2009 16:21:17

Manual and automatic stretch compensators are devices who assure the perfect felt tensioning during machine functioning and compensate the stretch caused by wear. They also allow the slackening of the felt when replacing it.

Felt/ wire guide
03/06/2009 16:38:23

The goal of the guiding system is to limit the oscillation of the felt/ wire by means of the controlled movement of a cylinder.

Board pressure system
03/06/2009 16:28:55

The goal of the board pressure system is to give the right pressure to the board placed and dragged between two felts and in the meantime uniform the drying by means of slides appropriately placed to pressure the board equally on the surface.

04/06/2009 13:58:34