Tecno paper designs and builds paper machine sections for the production of tissue, packaging paper, dry paper and paper creped at the wet end.

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      Tecnopaper gives special importance to the performance of paper rolls used on different kind of paper machines, therefore tecnopaper designs and manufactures good dimensioning ...
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Standard Performance Tissue Winders

TP- ACT 1500
Pneumatic Tissue Combiner & Winder
Combines up to 4  tissue plies



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          Technical description         

Paper grammage : from 12 to 40 gr
Mechanical speed: 1000 m/min.
Acceleration time : 60" - 80" seconds
Unwinding stations : 1 - 4
Unwinding mother roll Ø : 2500 mm
Unwinding mother Width : 3000 mm
Winding finished reel Ø : 1500 mm
Winding finished reel Width : 3000 mm
Cutting stations: as per customer request

            Current equipment           


Trimming aspiration system
Perimetral safety protections
Gangway with moveable ramp
Winding shafts
Shaft Loading Automatic System
Unloading table for finished paper reel


Our winders are supplied with semi-automatic shaft changing system and more options as er customer request.  For complete information, please contact info@tecnopaperitalia.it



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