Tecno paper designs and builds paper machine sections for the production of tissue, packaging paper, dry paper and paper creped at the wet end.

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Second hand Paper Machine for crepe paper production

Beloit - Fampa

December 1986



Technical specifications

- wire width: 2700 mm
- working width: 2500 mm (to Pope roll)
- mechanical speed: max. 400 m/min
- capacity: 6000 tons/year at 330 working days
- grammage (basis weight): 25 g/mq÷36g/mq
- maximum diameter of reel: 1800 mm

Machine parts:

- headbox type Converflow
- wire table, Cantilever system with wire length 14800mm, equipped with:
- breast roll (D=510mm, L=2800mm)
- forming board with ceramic strips
- gauch roller (D=292 mm, L=2800mm)
- wire driving roll (D=510mm, L=2800mm)
- 3 pieces hydrofoils ceramic
- 3 pieces suction boxes with PE foils and 3spare parts

Press parts:

• pick-up box suction
• press I Venta-Nip type (the linear pressure 589 N/cm)
• press II - rubber roll with obturated holes in touch with Yanke cylinder
• 11 pieces smooth rolls for felt
• 2 pieces spiral felt roll
• 2 pieces suction box for felt

Drying section:

- one Yanke cylinder having D=2400 mm and L=2675 mm, equipped with oscillating doctor blade for corrugating and cleaning doctor blade (steam pressure 9 barr)
- 5 pieces of drying cylinders (D=1500mm, L=2650mm steam pressure 3 barr )
- Pope reeler with drum having D=610mm and L=2700mm
- High efficiency hood for Yanke cylinder and semihood for drying cylinders
- Steam-condensate equipment
- Vacuum equipment with 3 pieces pumps type WP40-S (Q=40m³/min


Final products: C folf towels, Z fold towels, Interfolded towels and roll products



Fampa cylinder   Fampa pope